Best Dress Shirts for Men

When you want to feel like a million bucks, a closet filled with the best dress shirts is a surefire way to make that happen. If your wardrobe is more dull than debonair, it’s time to invest in some new duds. Dress shirts come in all shapes and sizes, which makes finding the best one challenging. To take the guesswork out of buying a dress shirt for those make-it-or-break-it moments, we found the ten best dress shirts for you.

Best Dress Shirts: FAQ

1. What Is a Men’s Dress Shirt?

Dress shirts for men also go by other names, like button-ups and collared shirts, which describe the attributes of the shirt. All men’s dress shirts have several buttons on the front, sleeves, and a collar. Most dress shirts have long sleeves, but occasionally you’ll find some with short sleeves. Dress shirts are made for both casual and formal wear, and the informal variety sometimes features one or two breast pockets. Collars also differ on dress shirts. Some collars have button closures to keep the collar close to the shirt, but others are free to pop. Buttoned collars are most traditionally seen in business casual attire.

2. What Is the Best Men’s Dress Shirt?

The best dress shirts for men are those that are made from natural, breathable materials with a good fit. Every man wants to look like they are wearing a dress shirt tailored just for them, but custom clothing isn’t in most people’s budget. In response to the demand for better-fitting clothing, many designers have created ready-to-wear cotton dress shirts with different fits. Slim, regular, and tall are among some fits you’ll find when shopping for the best dress shirts. These fits correspond with body types and the desired fit, and by selecting the right fit for your body type, you get the custom-made shirt feel without the tailor-made price. Below we look more explicitly at dress shirt fits to help you find the right one for you.

Athletic Cut

They design athletic-cut dress shirts to hug the body and show off everything underneath. These very fitted cuts are favored by athletes, thus the name. If you want to show off your physique, an athletic cut is a way to go. If you’d prefer to leave something to the imagination, skip this style.

Slim Cut

A slim-cut dress shirt is made for men with thinner frames or for those who want a tighter (not tight) fit. The design of the shirt corresponds to the slim architecture of the arms and torso to create a chic appearance without looking boxy or big.

Regular Cut

Most dress shirts come with a regular cut, and they offer slight tapering in the arms and torso. The regular fit isn’t too tight nor too loose on the body. Regular cut dress shirts provide little curvature in the design and can conceal waistlines or a bit of extra padding.

Full Cut

Full Cut dress shirts are those without tapering or fitted elements. This style is most desirable to those who want to conceal their torso under the shirt.

3. How Many Dress Shirts Should a Man Own?

How many dress shirts you should own depends on your lifestyle. Businessmen and office workers wear button-ups daily, but this isn’t true for everyone. If your profession requires you to wear a dress shirt, or you prefer this style, we recommend owning at least ten dress shirts to keep in constant rotation. By having ten dress shirts, you have plenty of time to clean shirts after wearing them. The more dress shirts you own, the less frequently you must do laundry or run to the cleaners. Even men who don’t frequently wear dress shirts should always have a few options on hand for different events. Dress shirts come in handy for job interviews, weddings, dates, and any time when you want to make a good impression.

4. How Do I Find My Dress Shirt Size?

Dress shirts are sized differently than other shirts, so it’s crucial to find your size before buying. Grab a soft measuring tape and see our quick guide to dress shirt sizing below.


Small men’s dress shirts fit neck sizes ranging from 14- to 14.5-inches and have 32-to 33-inch sleeves. If you buy a tall small size, the sleeves are 33-to 34-inches long.


Medium sizing has a neck circumference of 15- to 15.5-inches. Sleeve sizes range from 33-to 34-inches for regular and 34-to 35-inches for tall sizing.


Men with neck sizes ranging from 16- to 16.5-inches fit a large-sized men’s dress shirt. Arm lengths for large sizes are 34- to 35-inches regularly, and 35- to 36-inches for tall fits.

Extra Large

Neck measurements for the extra-large dress shirt are 17- to 17.5-inches and sleeve span 34- to 36-inches or 36- to 37-inches for tall orders.


Extra-extra large or 2XL sizing is 18- to 18.5-inches around the neck and 35- to 36-inches for the sleeves. Tall fits have sleeve lengths of 36- to 37-inches. Don’t fret if your size doesn’t fall into one category above. The quick guide sizing scheme is the most traditional, but many companies make dress shirts in other sizes. It’s not uncommon to find dress shirts sized extra small or larger than a double XL.

5. What Does Non-Iron Mean?

When you see ‘non-iron’ in a product description, it means the shirt’s fabric dries without wrinkles after washing. We prefer non-iron material because we don’t have to iron a shirt for it to look clean and professional. The wrinkle-free cloth is another type of technology that functions similarly but often isn’t as effective at preventing wrinkles as the non-iron alternative. Both non-iron and wrinkle-free fabrics are much easier to care for than materials lacking these technologies. If a shirt isn’t non-iron or wrinkle-free, it needs dry cleaning and professional pressing to keep its shape.

6. Should You Button the Top Button of a Dress Shirt?

How you wear your dress shirt says a lot about your style and attitude. Unbuttoning the first two buttons is typically reserved for casual styles, but has become more popular for formal occasions in recent years. Likewise, people now wear dress shirts buttoned up for a casual-cool look, even without a tie. If you don’t want to veer from cultural norms, keep the top button of a dress shirt open unless you are wearing a tie. When wearing a tie, always keep the top button fastened.

7. Which Dress Shirt Pattern Is Appropriate?

There are three primary types of dress shirt patterns that every man should know. Not all patterns are created equally, and just because a shirt has a collar doesn’t mean that it’s appropriate for all occasions. Below we look at the three dress shirt patterns and reveal when you should wear them.


For professionalism and formal attire, most men wear solid colors. In a business environment, a solid colored blue or white long-sleeved and pocketless dress shirt is most appropriate. When you aren’t sure about a dress code at a job or event, wearing one of these dress shirts is appropriate. Solid colored shirts in bold or modern colors are appropriate in some professional settings, but not all. Before wearing a fun-colored solid shirt, make sure that a dress code permits it.

Stripes and Checks

Striped and checked dress shirts are appropriate for business-casual environments or for leisure time. Wearing a striped or checked button-up to a formal event could leave you feeling underdressed.


Plaid is a down-to-earth pattern best left for free-time and casual environments. Plaid dress shirts look best with jeans, so if you wouldn’t wear jeans to an event, don’t wear a plaid shirt either.

8. How Do You Order a Men’s Dress Shirt?

Using all the fit and styling information we provided above, it’s easy to order a men’s dress shirt online. Once you know the style of button-up you want, collect your measurements, and start shopping.

*Expert Tip*

If you find that your size falls in the middle of the dress shirt sizing, always choose a larger size over a smaller size. Buying a dress shirt that’s too small results in unflattering pulling with the button closures.

8. Where Do You Order a Men’s Dress Shirt?

Men’s dress shirts are available in every department store or retailer of men’s clothing. The internet makes buying the best dress shirts easier than ever. Amazon is one of our favorite places to find men’s button-up shirts because they offer a fantastic selection of designer shirts at a bargain. In most cases, Amazon also allows for returns in case the shirt doesn’t fit.

How We Reviewed

Finding the best dress shirts for men is no easy feat. There are hundreds of high-quality options to try on. We gathered a group of men of all shapes and sizes for a fitting. Fit is king for dress shirts, and any shirt that looks good on the body made it through our qualifying round. After we determined if a dress shirt would fit a variety of body shapes well, the scrutiny began over quality, value, and appearance. Every button-up on this list has a good fit, high-quality construction, durability, style, and a high value for the cost.

Overall Price Range

The best dress shirts for men come at a variety of prices ranging from around $10 to over $1,000 for premium designer labels. All the best button-up options below cost under $200. Sometimes buying designer clothing means paying a higher price for the brand name, but this isn’t universally true. More expensive dress shirts typically offer higher-quality construction materials, like 100% cotton, but many affordable options also use cotton.

What We Reviewed

  • XTAPAN Men’s Casual Slim Fit Shirt Cotton Long Sleeve Button Down Dress Shirt
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Long Sleeve Non-Iron Button-Up Shirt
  • FLY HAWK Mens Dress Shirts
  • Alex Vando Mens Dress Shirt
  • Wrangler Men’s Western Work Shirt Firm Finish
  • Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men’s Dress Shirt
  • Van Heusen Men’s Dress Shirt Fit Flex Collar Check
  • Theory Men’s Long Sleeve Mini Printed Dress Shirt
  • Calvin Klein Men’s Dress Shirt Non-Iron Herringbone French Cuff
  • Brooks Brothers Mens Slim Fit 100% Cotton Non Iron Dress Shirt

XTAPAN Men’s Casual Slim Fit Shirt Cotton Long Sleeve Button Down Dress Shirt


The XTAPAN Men’s Casual is a slim fitting dress shirt made from 100% cotton. This button-up features one asymmetrical concept pocket with an accent button. XTAPAN makes its classic shirt in 32 modern and traditional colors to match any event, mood, or fancy. The high-quality cotton shirt is resistant to pills and wrinkles for a dress shirt that holds up after many washes. The slightly tapered design highlights the curvature of the torso. XTAPAN’s casual dress shirt comes with your choice of long or short sleeves and is machine washable. To best preserve the shape and color of this dress shirt, hang it to dry.

Price $

Where to Buy

Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Long Sleeve Non-Iron Button-Up Shirt


This Polo Ralph Lauren button-up is a must-have for every dapper gent. Ralph Lauren makes this button-up with crisp and wrinkle-free 100% cotton for breathable comfort throughout the day and night. For casual or business casual wear, this shirt is a staple in the modern man’s closet. This Polo dress shirt is a relaxed fit and features the iconic Polo Pony Logo in monochromatic stitching on the front pocket. The long-sleeved Men’s Long Sleeve button-up comes in light blue or white, and both have a back yoke and box pleat to allow the body to move most freely. The Polo Ralph Lauren dress shirt is machine washable.

Price $$

Where to Buy

FLY HAWK Mens Dress Shirts


Fly Hawk creates the best men’s dress shirts for tight, athletic fits. This button-up comes in 13 unique and vibrant colors to pair with a variety of suits and casual wear. The company makes its dress shirt from 20% bamboo fiber, 75% Tencel, and 5% spandex to cling to the body in all the right places. The Fly Hawk athletic dress shirt has long sleeves and contrasting buttons for a bold and stylish fashion piece, and it’s one of the best dress shirts for flexing your fitness level. The company makes this shirt machine washable in cold water and pressing with a cool iron won’t harm the fabric. For sizing, Fly Hawk recommends going up a size to make sure this snugly fitting shirt has the right fit.

Price $

Where to Buy

Alex Vando Mens Dress Shirt


When you want formal wear that’s never stuffy, the Alex Vando Men’s Dress Shirt gives the best of both worlds. The shirt’s modern design pairs cuffed sleeves with contrasting colors and patterns to create a one-of-kind look that’s red-carpet quality. Alex Vando makes this dress shirt from 97% high-quality cotton and 3% spandex to have a luxury feel with a modern fit. This shirt comes in 17 different color combinations, including dramatic black and red, solid red, or royal blue. The Alex Vando button-up is cold-water machine washable and dries without wrinkling when hung.

Price $

Where to Buy

Wrangler Men’s Western Work Shirt Firm Finish


The classic Men’s Western Work Shirt by Wrangler is a throwback classic with modern appeal. The long-sleeved button-up shirt comes in 13 solid colors, all with matching pearl snap buttons. The shirt features twin western yokes and the Wrangler emblem on one of the front pockets. Wrangler makes this regular fit, cowboy cut shirt with high-quality imported 100% cotton yarn-dyed indigo denim for a rugged and comfortable dress shirt. When new, the shirt’s material is stiff and crisp like a new pair of jeans, but the softness increases with each wear. The Wrangler men’s dress shirt is machine washable, dryer safe, and built to last a long time.

Price $

Where to Buy

Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men’s Dress Shirt


Kenneth Cole Unlisted is a poly-cotton blend dress shirt for maximum durability. They make the fabric with 60% cotton and 40% polyester to help the cotton maintain its shape after many seasons. We know poly-cotton blends to grow softer with each time we wear it. Kenneth Cole offers the Unlisted Men’s Dress Shirt in 16 colors ranging from deeply saturated bold colors to pastels. Kenneth Cole uses proprietary tailoring to create a regular fit dress shirt that offers plenty of breathing room but doesn’t bunch or bulge in the arms or torso. The Unlisted dress shirt is all business with the long-sleeve pocketless design. Kenneth Cole sews the collar down on the Unlisted shirt to prevent any washing machine-warping.

Price $

Where to Buy

Van Heusen Men’s Dress Shirt Regular Fit Flex Collar Check


Another classic poly-cotton blended button-up comes from Van Heusen, makers of fine men’s wear. The Men’s Fit Flex Dress Shirt has a 55% cotton to 45% polyester ratio to make this fabric virtually wrinkle-free. The shirt’s contemporary spread collar points outward to fit most neckties and bow-ties while creating enough room for the neck. Van Heusen offers this micro-plaid dress shirt in eight business-savvy colors, making it one of the best dress shirts for dressing up plaid. This dress shirt is safe to wash in a machine and can take a cool iron when necessary.

Price $

Where to Buy

Theory Men’s Long Sleeve Mini Printed Dress Shirt


The Mini Printed Dress Shirt is a regular fit designer dress shirt by Theory. The tiny geometric Japanese-inspired patterns add dimension to the dress shirt with no overt or tacky accouterment. Theory makes this shirt with a black or blue base color, and the design is in black, white, and multi-blues. Theory makes the Mini Printed Dress Shirt entirely from crisp and sweat-resistant cotton for ongoing moisture protection and comfort. Theory’s dress shirt has a loose fit that doesn’t cling to the body, and it has a slightly contoured bottom hem for a stylish look tucked or untucked. This dress shirt is dry clean only and made from imported fabric.

Price $$$

Where to Buy

Calvin Klein Men’s Dress Shirt Non Iron Herringbone French Cuff


This Calvin Klein option is one of the best dress shirts for giving you a reason to break out those snazzy cufflinks you rarely wear. The sleek French cuff design works well for formal or business events when you need to strut your stuff to the world. Calvin Klein makes its men’s dress shirt with soft 100% cotton for longevity and durability. The men’s dress shirt by Calvin Klein comes in traditional solid white or solid black and pairs with suits, slacks, and denim. Calvin Klein wrinkle-free fabric with wicking technology to keep moisture away from the body without allowing it to pool; this fabric helps you keep your cool even in high-pressure situations. The shirt has a regular fit, outward pointing spread collar for ties, and pocketless front panels. The Calvin Klein Men’s Dress Shirt maintains its shape best when professionally cleaned.

Price $$ to $$$

Where to Buy

Brooks Brothers Mens Slim Fit 100% Cotton Non Iron Dress Shirt


The timeless blue and white striped Brooks Brothers dress shirt is a class-act. Brooks Brothers, a name long cherished in men’s wear, makes this slim-fitting dress shirt from 100% wrinkle-free and machine washable cotton. The Slim Fit features a button-down collar, six-pleat shirring cuffs, and authentic mother-of-pearl button closures for a sharp and clean look. Proudly made in North Carolina, this Brooks Brothers Dress Shirt is an all-American classic.

Price $$

Where to Buy

The Verdict

Each of the wardrobe enhancing best men’s dress shirts for me we’ve reviewed have what it takes to up your fashion game. If it’s in your budget, we’d suggest you buy all of them to have the perfect look for every occasion. Remember, the best dress shirt is—and will always be—the one you feel most comfortable wearing. When you have confidence in your appearance, any of the best dress shirts will help you shine.

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