Best Retractable Clothesline

Top 15 Best Retractable Clothesline for Outdoor Use

Using a clothesline even sometimes can save households energy bills and help the environment. Clothes dryers are major energy guzzlers, so switching to one can help you save. Additionally, clotheslines are gentler on clothing, helping to preserve its shape and quality for longer than tumbling electric dryers.

You can make clotheslines using the extra rope or cord you have lying around your home, but you should be careful what material you choose because some can fray and leave fragments on clothing, are too thin for heavy loads, or in the case of wire can rust or stain.

You can also purchase several space-saving products, such as retractable clotheslines, pulleys, and reversible umbrellas, instead of Drying. We present the best clotheslines after researching the options.

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Factors To Consider While Choosing Retractable Clothesline

It is important to consider certain features when buying retractable clotheslines to make sure you get the best product for your needs. This article will go over the most important factors to take into account. View the product reviews and then choose the best product that suits your needs.

  • Capacity

When looking for retractable clotheslines, capacity is the most important factor to consider. However, the capacity may vary depending on the brand and model. The hanging cord on some models may be longer than those on others.

Best Retractable Clothesline

You should use a washing line with a large capacity if you have a large household along with a large outdoor space. Additionally, you will find some models have two or more lines attached to the receiving brackets. A washing line for indoor use is mainly suitable for people looking for such a device. If you have a little space outdoors, you can also use it.

In order to pull the hanging cords through the tensioner, you must first secure the receiving bracket and holding cabinet to posts or walls. It is important to keep the lines evenly tensioned so that the laundry does not sag. Among the best retractable clotheslines, we found was the Best Retractable Stainless Steel Clothesline.

  • Available Space

It is also important to consider the available space in your house before buying a washing line. If you have the space only on your balcony, you may wish to use it in your bathroom. In such a case, it is always a good idea to choose retractable clotheslines that have an easy installation process and can also be unmounted.

You will be able to use the room as you see fit. Detachable products can easily be stored when they’re not in use. Thus, washing lines can be made more durable. If you’re looking for a retractable clothesline for your home, the Minky Homecare Outdoor Clothesline might be the best option for you.

Due to its space-saving design, it is one of the best retractable clotheslines for outdoor use.

  • Product Material

A retractable washing line made from a strong, durable material is the best choice. In order to prevent rusting, most hangers use PVC or other UV-safe plastic on their metal parts. Retractable Clothes Lines should be strong and impervious to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. A damaged clothesline shouldn’t leave dirty laundry lying around.

Retractable Clothesline Material

Be sure to inspect the hanging cord before you hang heavy laundry to ensure it is not too fragile that it will break. Because of the stretching of the cord, strong laundry lines are easy to tense to prevent sagging.

For indoor use, lightweight material can be used. It can be very difficult to choose the best retractable clothesline indoors, however, the L.Corp 40 Feet Heavy Duty Clothesline can be a great option.

As they are exposed to harsh weather every day when mounted outdoors, the holding cabinet and receiving bracket should be made of high-quality materials. For use in hanging laundry, they should be anything but difficult to install on dividers and sturdy enough to keep the laundry lines securely in place.

  • Types of Clothesline

i. Dryer

A retractable garment dryer can be placed inside or outside your home. The retractable garment dryer looks great in your backyard because it is designed well. It will dry your clothes quickly.

ii. Washing

Retractable washing clotheslines come in two types. These Retractable Clothes Lines are for indoor and outdoor use, respectively. It must be installed in a suitable location. You will then need to dry your washed clothing. Dry natural Wall Mounted Clothesline is also a good choice if you are looking for the best clothesline design.

iii. Household Essential

Most of the time, retractable clotheslines are essential household products. They are perfect for drying clothes and storing wet clothing. If you are thinking of innovative clothesline ideas, these are a great choice.

iv. Cheap Line

On the market, you can find inexpensive retractable washing lines. Therefore, you can choose one according to your budget. There’s no difference in function between the Retractable Clothes Lines, so the price doesn’t matter.

A pulley system will make hanging clothes much easier indoors. There are two great clotheslines to consider: the Riveda 40 Feet Heavy Duty Clothesline and the MuchL 40 Feet Mounted Clothesline.

Top 15 Best Best Retractable Clothesline Review

1. Minky Homecare Outdoor Retractable Clothesline


  • Clip-off bracket
  • All parts included
  • Max load: 27.5 lbs. per line
  • 2 lines, 49 ft. each
  • 1-year warranty

The Minky clothing line is a top-rated one. Users are astonished at its simplicity and ease of use. However, even though it is made specifically for outdoor use, it can also be used indoors. There are two lines of clothesline, each measuring 49 feet. No matter how big your family is and how much laundry you need to dry, it is more than enough room.

Due to the retractable design, you can extend it out as needed and store it just as easily when you are done using it. This product is ideal for small gardens, courtyards, balconies, patios, and similar spaces.

Initial installation and use of the clothesline are also simple. With its special brackets, it attaches to a wall without requiring much effort to remove. You can store the UV protective case by clipping off the brackets.

Keeping a Minky clothesline clean and maintained is easy. It has a PVC coating that makes it easy to clean.


  • It can hold a maximum laundry load.
  • easy to clean.
  • Easy to install.
  • Comes in a UV stable.
  • Multi-functional capabilities.
  • UV protective casing.


  • It could have held more weight.
  • Because of the weight of the clothes, your laundry tends to sag to the floor.

2. SecureLine RC20 20-Foot Retractable Clothesline


  • Fits any length from 10-feet to 20-feet.
  • The product can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Hardware for mounting is included.
  • The cord that does not tangle.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Whether you are inside or outside of your home, SecureLine offers a product that can meet your needs. There’s plenty of room for a decent-sized load of laundry on the 20′ line as well. The exterior can endure the elements for some time, but buyers report that outside causing it to wear faster.

As a whole, however, these reports indicate that it lasted over two years before it stopped working. Because of its white case and compact design, it can easily be integrated into any room of the house.

You won’t even notice it on the patio or the living room. When the right time comes, it can provide such a valuable function at a convenient location. Perhaps you have room indoors or an enclosed area where this retractable clothesline could be installed. In addition, if the product is exposed to harsh elements, you can rest assured that it will last for many years.


  • The vinyl line remains taut.
  • Casing unit for compact lines.
  • The cord is tangle-free.
  • Hardware installation.


  • There is a lack of durability outside with plastic.

3. Whitmor 5 Line Retractable Dryer


  • There are 5 lines on this wall-mounted clothesline, which provide 170 feet of drying space.
  • It measures 8.07 inches long, 36.61 inches wide, and 4.92 inches tall.
  • Hardware for mounting is included.
  • Drying rack with heavy-duty construction.
  • Budget-friendly and eco-friendly clothes drying rack.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, this retractable dryer rack from Whitmor is an innovative, space-saving product for the home. The laundry room, covered porch, or balcony is a perfect spot for it. An ingenious hybrid between a retractable, fixed clothing rack and a multi-line, fixed clothing rack.

For maximum space, each of the five cords can be extended up to 34 feet, totaling 170 feet of drying line. You can reclaim that space in your home or yard when the device is not in use, as it retracts into its holster. There is no hardware installation required.


  • 12 feet of cord
  • Installs with basic tools
  • Won’t rust over time
  • Budget-friendly


  • Beginners need to learn how to install

4. T.W Evans Cordage 43-077 7/32-Inch Evandale Cotton Clothesline


  • Synthetic core with cotton cover
  • Cotton clothesline is our best seller
  • Construction with solid braids
  • Load capacity 42 lbs

A high-quality rope is essential for making a classic clothesline effective, and this rope clothesline from T.W Evans Cordage is durable and cost-effective. It has solid braiding instead of shedding fibers or staining clothes (unlike wire clotheslines that can rust).

Unlike plastic-coated nylon, it can handle wet laundry up to 42 pounds without bending or stretching. It can be used together with a pulley or separately. Established in 1929, T. W. Evans Cordage Co. supplies hardware stores throughout the country.


  • Synthetic core cotton cover
  • cotton clothesline
  • Solid braid construction
  • Heavy working Load


  • Takes up space when opened.

5. Whitmor Retractable Clothesline


  • This retractable clothesline has a length of 12 feet and is easy to use
  • The clothesline is locked in place with a lock & unlock dial
  • Installs discreetly on the wall thanks to its compact design
  • A4-sized, 2.25-inch wide, 3.25-inch high
  • Hammer and screwdriver is all you need to mount it on the wall
  • Durable plastic casing & clothesline make the retractable dryer rust-proof
  • The product can be used both indoors and outdoors

It has thoughtful design features and diminutive size. The locking dial is simple and effective, and the plastic casing is stronger than that found on many similar models, making it suitable to be used inside or outside.

With the Whitmor Deluxe 20 foot Retractable Clothesline, your clothes will dry easily. You can dry clothes indoors or outdoors with this wall-mount retractable clothesline. Rust-resistant storage case is included with an outdoor retractable clothesline for easy storage.

To extend the clothesline, simply pull it out and extend it to a maximum of 20 feet. The bottom of the bag has a hook for hanging clothespin bags. You can dry your clothes easily and save energy with this retractable indoor clothesline.

If installed with the masonry wall anchor included, a Phillips screwdriver and a drill are required. Hammer and screwdriver are necessary for installing the drill-less anchor.


  • 12 feet of cord
  • Installs with basic tools
  • Won’t rust over time


  • Safety hazard if it falls.
  • A challenge to install.

6. Household Essentials 17145-1 Retractable Clothesline 5-Line


  • Wet or dry laundry can be hung inside or outside on this space-saving, adjustable 5 line drying rack
  • Multiple loads of laundry can be dried in 170 feet of space created by the 34-foot lines
  • The large tightening knob in the aluminum housing keeps the lines taut, tangle-free, and protected
  • Easy to use and great for indoor or outdoor use
  • Dimensions of the house: 6.5 x 36 x 8; line length: 34 feet

When guests come over, you can hide the Household Essentials 5-Line clothesline when not in use. Installation is a little more complicated, and you may need a post for backyard use, but you’ll appreciate the extra drying area.

Household Essentials’ 5-Line Retractable Dryer lets you enjoy the feel of the great outdoors. The massive 170′ of line space allows clothes and linens to dry naturally using nature’s energy. It is a five-line system that reaches a maximum length of 34′ and releases easily to retract into a protective aluminum case for easy cleaning and drying.

Lines are kept taut and tangle-free with an adjustable knob. Full-size retractable line is lightweight and sturdy, making it ideal for use indoors or outdoors. Mount it on the outside of a building, in the basement or garage, or on a porch. Enjoy the freshness of line-dried laundry while being environmentally and economically conscious. Impress your grandmother!


  • Maintains a large amount of laundry
  • Housing made from aluminum
  • Takes some effort to tighten lines


  • Might topple over if weight isn’t distributed evenly.
  • Lightweight and flimsy construction

7. Brabantia WallFix Retractable Washing Line


  • Design that folds away from the wall for patios, gardens, balconies or utility rooms
  • The 24 m taut clotheslines can be used with just one hand movement
  • Including large laundry items, a retractable line can handle a full washing machine load
  • Corrosion-resistant materials used in construction
  • The dimensions are (H x W x D): 108.5 x 14 x 15.5 cm
  • Total length – 24 meters (2 wash loads) Drying length – 20 to 25 meters

It is typical of Brabantia washing lines to look sleek and well designed, and this one is no exception. You can mount this retractable washing line anywhere on the wall. Getting it open and closed with one hand is the first thing you’ll notice. Basically, it is a rotary washing line mounted on a wall without a pole. The aesthetics of this washing line are excellent.

It’s not just that this retractable line provides ample drying space, but it’s also extremely durable. The line won’t snap or be collapsible. When the washing line is rolled up, it has a cool cover, and when it is tucked away, it looks very neat.


  • Due to the easy-to-follow instructions that come with this Brabantia retractable washing line, use and installation is straightforward. Installation is quick and easy.
  • Heavy duty
  • The device is also backed by a five-year warranty to give you peace of mind.


  • It pains us to mention this as a con, but the retractable line is a bit pricey. We consider it to be one of the best retractable washing lines, however, and it is worth the price.

8. Vileda Cordomatic Retractable Clothes Line


  • The clothesline retracts automatically after 15 meters
  • Indoors or outdoors – wall mountable
  • The plastic construction makes it strong and durable
  • For a better visibility, add a red line
  • Ships in a certified frustration-free package

With seemingly endless features, this is one of the best retractable washing lines on the market. Durability is one of the key features. The line feels heavy-duty and durable. Plastic is a sturdy material, so it can withstand the weather in most situations.

It is relatively inexpensive as well since plastic is such a durable material. The space for drying is also fifteen metres, not as much as the Minky. Screws and rawl plugs are included in the package, so you can mount them immediately after purchase. An excellent indoor or outdoor clothesline, this retractable clothesline is easy to mount on the wall.


  • The red line on this retractable washing line is a unique feature. In the winter, it is very easy to see due to the red line.


  • Its attachment at the free end is not to our liking. Wrapping the line around an anchor point on the base can sometimes slip, leaving a sag.

9. Riveda Retractable Clothesline B07FYR4Q55



  • Light And Compact
  • Easy To Use
  • Top Quality
  • Versatile
  • 60-Days Warranty

Hang up your clothes by attaching the retractable clothesline to any wall in your house or outside! The device can be retracted into the body of the product when not in use, so it doesn’t take up much space.

The line is 40 feet long and can handle weights up to 30 pounds! Using it is very simple. If your clothesline is the right length, you can lock it in place, pull it tight, and hang your laundry. Heat and crack resistance plastic is used in the case and line. Rust won’t occur with this plastic.

Installing it takes only a few minutes. It is possible to do this in your kitchen, on your porch, in the garden, or even on your commercial property! There are 12 clothespins included, too!


  • Installs quickly and easily.
  • The retractable design takes up little space.
  • The length is adjustable.
  • The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Laundry that is too heavy will cause the line to sag.
  • Materials of poor quality.

10. Brabantia 385766 Retractable Indoor Washing Line


  • Drying space: 24 m.
  • Type: Retractable arms.
  • Weight capacity: 2 wash loads.

Brabantia has a reputation for producing high-quality products, and this washing line is no exception. We are confident that you will enjoy it, as well. Compact and easy to use, this device is compact and easy to use.

This dryer provides 22 meters of drying space and five drying lines. These lines can be automatically locked via a pulley system. This product is made of corrosion-resistant materials and feels exceptionally sturdy.

However, we recommend using it indoors. It is compact, making it easy to store after use. The installation is straightforward, and it is easy to retract and pull out the line. It is a very budget-friendly retractable clothesline as well.


  • You can use it indoors and it looks great.
  • Heavily loaded
  • With a 5-year guarantee, this Brabantia washing line is also risk-free.


  • If left outside, this retractable washing line would not impress us, but it works fantastically indoors.

11. WENKO Washing line Jumbo


  • Drying space: 15 m.
  • Type: Retraction spool.
  • Weight capacity: Light laundry loads.

Is your outdoor area in need of a retractable washing line? When it comes to weatherproof devices, this is a top pick. You can also expect a user-friendly and durable washing line, in addition to a stylish and compact appearance.

All of the pieces are coated with PVC, which we really liked. Besides extending the lifespan of your washing line, this material makes it easy to maintain. The reviewer found that it is easy to clean and does not stain clothes.

In addition, the PVC sheath makes the line heat- and moisture-proof, which are two of the biggest outdoor damage culprits! In addition, tension can be adjusted and retraction is easy.


  • Strong and durable.
  • It has a PVC coating that makes it wear-resistant.
  • Easy to use and compact.
  • The product can be used indoors and outdoors.


  • Beginners will need to learn how to install

12. Hawatour Portable Travel Elastic Clothesline


  • The hotel room can be used to dry travelers’ clothes
  • Indoors and outdoors
  • Towels, socks, underwear, bathing suits, etc. can be hung with these 12 clothespins
  • Easily stores and transports only weigh 7 ounces
  • Stretchable and can reach a length of 10 feet

Try the Hawatour portable travel clothesline if you’re traveling, camping, or sharing a communal garden. You can easily erect this and take it down whenever you need it. For people who love to travel, camp, swim, fish, boat, canoe, and engage in outdoor activities, this is a must-have item. Your clothes, socks, and swimwear can be dried on it between trees.

There are stoppers and clothespins on this travel clothesline, which makes it so convenient. Clothespins can be adjusted so that they stay in place. This means your clothes will not fall into the middle. Keeping them fresh makes them dry quickly and keeps them from getting musty or smelly.

Anywhere is a good place to hang a clothesline! Hooks are made of stainless steel. The line can be hung up by wrapping it around a sturdy object, securing the hook, and hanging it.


  • Easy to carry and lightweight.
  • There is no middle for clothes.
  • Installable anywhere.
  • For travelers, this is a must-have.


  • Stretches only 10 feet.
  • Does not have more than 12 clothespins.

13. Songmics Foldable Clothes Drying Rack

You need an indoor clothesline if you don’t have an oven, or live in a humid or rainy area – or don’t want to use a tumble dryer. Songmics recommends a foldable clothes airer for this purpose. When it’s open, it’s very spacious, but when it’s folded, it’s really compact! You can hang all your clothes on its 33 rails, which are arranged on two tiers.

Its stainless steel construction makes it strong enough to hold 77 pounds of clothing. Neither rust nor mold will grow on it, and it will last for years. In a matter of seconds, you can set up this drying rack when it arrives. Your laundry can easily be hung up with it because it opens quickly and easily.

There is also a sock clip! A total of 27 sock clips are located at the ends of each clothesline wing to prevent socks from blowing away or falling off. It is also possible to adjust the wings. In this case, you can angle the wings so the fabric doesn’t trail on the ground if you have long towels or bed sheets.


  • Opens closes, and stores easily.
  • Stainless steel is a durable material.
  • Clips for socks.
  • Wings that can be adjusted.


  • Opens up a lot of space.

14. Foxydry Extendable Ceiling Mounted Drying Rack



  • It can be slid down its 1,80 m height or stopped anywhere in between.
  • A total of 12 m of drying space is offered by eight 1.5 m drying rails.
  • Lift the clothes drying rack effortlessly, reducing laundry weight to a minimum.
  • 152 x 54 x 25-180 cm, semi-assembled and easy to install
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Are you looking for a way to save space, make a statement with your clothesline, and have some fun drying clothes? Foxydry extendable ceiling-mounted drying rack is an ideal option for you. You can utilize every square inch of your home in this way.

Pull the clothesline down using the pulley system. Use the clothesline to hang your clothes before pulling them up again. Get your clothes out of the way of every day activities by utilizing vertical space.

Space is definitely saved by this rack. This unit includes eight drying rails with a total drying area of almost 12 meters. As a result, it can be widened to dry larger items such as towels and sheets. Aluminum and steel are used in their construction, so it’s sturdy. You might get into trouble if your weight exceeds 22 pounds. The pulley system could fall from this, creating a hazard.


  • Saves space.
  • Easy to pull down and up.
  • Reliable.
  • Works in any room.
  • Sturdy.


  • If it falls, it poses a safety hazard.
  • Installing is difficult.

15. Home Solution 2-Tier Clothes Drying Rack



  • 60 Garments plus 60 Socks and Personal Items Clips on the Heavy Duty Green Tree
  • Garment Rack, Portable Closet, Indoor & Outdoor Drying Rack, Steam Ironing
  • Telescopic Adjustable Height 2 Tier Design. Easy Button Folds to 5″ diameter for Stow Away.
  • Rust-Proof (Rust-proof) and Heavy Duty Construction, Sturdy 4 Base Legs with Removable Caster Wheels for ease of mobility.
  • Warranty, built to last. Korean-made


If you need clothes drying rack with two levels, the Home Solution 2-Tier clothes rack is a great option. Multi-tier drying racks take up more space. Additionally, they provide better air circulation.

In this method, the clothes are hung on hangers, then the hangers are attached to the arms. Consequently, your clothes will dry naturally without indentations or folds. You will notice a significant reduction in wrinkles!

Small items can also be stored in it. Socks and underwear can be hung up on the rack using little clips. There are many uses for this clothesline. Both inside and outside. It can also be used to iron. This clothesline is perfect for letting shirts completely cool while still wrinkle-free after you’ve ironed them.

Keep it nearby so you can hang up a shirt after ironing it. Also a great replacement for a wardrobe while you wait for one. In addition to taking it with you on your camping or RV trip, you can also use it to store your clothes.


  • The wheels make it portable.
  • The product can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Plenty of room to do laundry.
  • Airflow is good.


  • If weight is not distributed evenly, it could topple over.
  • Flimsy and lightweight construction

How To Install Retractable Clothesline?

How To Installing Retractable Clothesline

i. Install Clothesline Bracket

The clothesline body bracket can be attached to a wall or other preferred location. A wooden post, fence, or tree can be drilled or screwed into this piece.

ii. Connect Your Clothesline Body

Using the mounting bracket that comes with the retractable clothesline, attach it to the wall. In some cases, the bracket might be screwed on, while in others it may be clicked on. With a detachable bracket, weather changes can be easily handled or if it gets in the way of something (furniture or outdoor lighting).

iii. Attach Hooks for the Lines

Decide how long your clothesline should be. Why? In the case of a retractable clothesline, the line can be hooked and unhooked after each use. Retractable clotheslines are very convenient. Anyhow, depending on your clothesline length, you will choose where to attach the hook.

You can have two hook points if you have a double line. Hooks must be drilled tightly in order to avoid the line collapsing. In order to ensure you don’t cause any damage to the building you are drilling into, I recommend drilling into a tightly secured wooden post, fence, or brick wall.

iv. Attach Clothesline to Hooks

The next step is to connect the line after everything has been installed. If everything has been done correctly, you can begin hanging clothes immediately. It has never been easier to hang a retractable outdoor clothesline!

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Retractable Clothesline

Q: How much space does a retractable washing line offer?

Ans: Each washing line offers a different amount of space. Where the retractable washing line is located is also an important factor. Find out how long the retractable washing line is from the manufacturer’s description.

Q: Is there a difference between the casing used for an outdoor retractable washing line?

Ans: Two are different. The casing of outdoor washing lines should be of a higher quality to protect them from the sun and rain. The quality of the coating is a significant factor in identifying and differentiating both of them.


With their convenient operation and user-friendly designs, retractable washing lines have become a popular option for drying laundry. In addition, they don’t cost a penny to run and you can save a great deal over an electric dryer if you switch to one of these units.

Our buying guide and product reviews should have provided you with the necessary information to find the best retractable washing line for your needs. To make sure that price shouldn’t be a deciding factor, we chose products from household brands that you know and trust.

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