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The 10 Best Sunglasses For Men – Summer 2022: Top Shade Styles

Here at Dudepins, we have our fingers firmly on the pulse of what’s hot in Men’s Fashion, including the best sunglasses for men. Heading into Summer 2022, we wanted to let you guys know what was looking good so you’ll be ready to head out in style. So, here are the 10 best sunglasses for Men.

We included the popular, such as Ray Ban, and many others that will likely meet your style preferences. Enjoy.

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15. Randolph Aviator Sunglass

Your daily battles will be won by being fit. When you purchase a reliable pair of Randolph sunglasses, you will not need an army of them. Their high-performance sunglasses are as real as they get in extreme conditions, thanks to their high-performance material.

With bayonet temples designed to fit comfortably under headgear, Randolph Engineering builds its sky-ready frames to precise and rigorous military specifications (read: the highest possible standards). For decades, US Air Force and Army pilots were fascinated by Randolph’s aviators. 

Randolph’s aviator sunglasses, made in the United States, are an all-time classic. They’re as comfortable in the cockpit as they are on the street. They’re both comfortable. A total of 200 steps are involved in each pair of Randolph sunglasses, mostly done by hand, and high-grade metals are used throughout.

Their sleek matte black metal frames in Cobalt Aviator style are the perfect addition to your daily collection. Moreover, Randolph’s exemplary durability makes them a medal. As well as scratch-resistant lenses and total UVA/UVB protection, these shades feature scratch-resistant polarised lenses.

Additionally, 23k Gold and Matte Chrome finishes are available for the Cobalt Aviator. Authentic. Awesome. Convinced. Every pair of essential aviators comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll be able to wear them forever. So if you’re still not convinced, maybe Tom Cruise will…

14. Tom Ford Arnaud Stylish Sunglass

Tom Ford’s Black Polarized Arnaud sunglasses will enhance your sophisticated style. You’ll score style points on the yacht or ashore in these high-end shades. If you want the perfect accessory for your premium lifestyle, then these are the perfect pair.

While trendy colors change each year, black never goes out of style, so while you may not like the color now, you can rest assured these shades will look classy for years to come. This pair of sunglasses features a stylish frame shape, dark-tinted lenses, and stylish details. The pair will complement any stylish ensemble.

13. Sunski Makani – Polarized Recycled Sunglass

A great alternative to many high-end eyewear brands, Sunski offers the look of expensive eyewear at a reasonable price. Sunski was founded by the founders of a Kickstarter campaign inspired by Australian vintage sunglasses from the ‘0s.

The brand has since become a much-loved eyewear brand with a cult following. In San Francisco, Sunski shades range in style from simple and sedate to extravagant and loud.

Each pair of Yeezys is an affordable option as well, with most of the brand’s styles coming in under $100. It doesn’t mean these shades are cheaply made though, just because they’re affordable. A pair of sunglasses from Superlight is characterized by three key features, namely, flexibility, durability, and lightweight.

The frames of each pair are constructed of Superlight recycled resin, which adds to the resistance and flexibility of the sunglasses. If your glasses break during normal wear, Sunski guarantees replacement with a lifetime warranty. Aside from polarized lenses and UV protection, the Bernina is also adorned with genuine metal accents.

12. Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglass

There’s nothing more classic than Ray Ban’s Aviator Classic shades: shades in the style of an aviator. If you’re looking for a pair of timeless sunglasses with full sun protection, these are a great choice. Aviator sunglasses were first designed by Ray-Ban in the 1930s for pilots.

Their popularity was soon apparent, and they remain popular even today. Shades like these aren’t likely to go out of style any time soon. Featuring a teardrop shape, these Aviator Classic shades offer full sun protection, making them the best shape to wear. Sunglasses with more coverage are hard to find.

In addition to metal hinges, these sunglasses feature a plastic frame. Using this method allows the arms of the sunglasses to open and close smoothly. You can wear these earplugs comfortably all day long thanks to the acetate ear rests.

The lenses are also made of crystal, which ensures a completely clear image. The number of different colors and lens types available online is over 24.

11. Ray-Ban Double-Bridge Retro Sunglasses

It’s okay if you listen to “Cool” by The Jonas Brothers and your style is matched by a pair of high-quality sunglasses. You can’t go wrong with this Ray-Ban double-bridge design. 

This design creates a distinctive and bold look thanks to its monochromatic color scheme. In addition to being stylish, the double bridge design stands out in an interesting way. Maintaining your cool is no problem with dark-tinted lenses; they will keep you that way. 

Style and durability go hand in hand. Metal frames help these last for years to come. The case also keeps them safe.

10. Oakley Holbrook


In the snow, it can be challenging to find the right sunnies that will protect your eyes from the sun and keep you comfortable. The Oakely Holbrook Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses are built to cope with any challenge. If you like to ski or snowboard a lot, these sunglasses are a perfect choice.

Shades such as these will withstand the highs and lows of a mountain day. Designed for durability and comfort, these shades can withstand impact as well as extreme temperatures.

They are well suited for your face because they have a Three-Point Fit system, which means they stay on your face. To ensure that you can see as far as you can, they have patented high-definition optics. 

With Holbrook Polarized Rectangular frames, you can protect your eyes from the intense glare from the snow with 100% UV protection lenses, and polarised iridium lenses as well. There are various color combinations available, but we think that shiny black frames with teal to green lenses are the best.

This pair of shades is the perfect balance between classic and cutting-edge, with obvious influences from the quintessential Wayfarer (which will make an appearance later on). It does this without losing that cutting-edge cool look we expect from Oakley, drawing from their excellence in manufacturing for all manner of extreme sports.

9. Tom Ford Luca FT0239


It’s no surprise that Tom Ford’s eponymous label is so successful, given his role at both Gucci and YSL in the past. He embodies the American Style with his designs. We have a range of bulky but not too gaudy sunglasses for men, along with sleeker styles such as aviators and square frames.

This brand keeps it simple no matter what your style may be. A retro statement piece suitable for the office or a getaway with your friends, the Cassius will turn heads no matter where you wear it.

Not quite the aviator you may know and love, these playoffs that image and add a little more of an urban feel with a wider lens and studded brackets. Avoid overspending on “just another pair of aviators” by snapping up this set by Tom Ford.

8. Ray-Ban Clubmasters


A perfect pair of Sunglasses from the amazing Ray-Ban collection, the Ray-Ban RB 2156 Clubmaster is a perfect choice. An exciting combination of features makes these Sunglasses very appealing. . .

When you look at Ray-Ban’s RB 2156 Clubmaster, you can tell Ray-Ban does a great job in showcasing all the great characteristics of the sunglasses. Ray-Ban RB 2156 Clubmaster features various characteristics that are uniquely adorned all throughout the frame. Sunglasses specifically tailored to fit the right style and physical attributes are available with the Ray-Ban RB 2156 Clubmaster. The following options are available; Color 901 Black/Crystal Green,Color 990 Red Havana/Crystal Green,Color 10113F Top Black On Dark Azure Crystal Gradient Light Blue,Size 49-21-140.

If you’re the dude who keeps it fresh by paying attention to the details, this is the pair for you. A bit of a throwback, these shades work very well with any outfit, especially if you roll up the cuffs on your jeans pants and/or sleeves. Rock these and you’ll be on the way to turning heads wherever you hit the pavement.

7. Spy Optic Helm Rectangular Glasses


Let’s bring it back to the present day. Somewhat similar to item number 10, these specs are full-on wicked. Built from bombproof material (yeah, that’s right), you shouldn’t have to worry so much about sitting on them in your pocket when you’re on the go.

I’m digging the flat tops, which give you the new modern look. Perfect for slapping on under a baseball cap. Your destiny is in your hands, and you are the master of your ship. You are ready for the next adventure.

Take the Spy Optic Helm 2 sunglasses and shield your eyes from the sun. A rectangular frame in Grilamid® plastic with retro-inspired styling. Fixed nose pads feature a saddle bridge. The frame is securely hinged with 5 barrels.

With Happy LensTM, colors stand out, contrast is increased, clarity is increased, and mood is improved. ARC® lens with 6 bases of polycarbonate. UVA and UVB (Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B rays) are blocked to provide 100% UV protection for eyes and skin while outdoors. Imported. This product weighs 1.2 oz and measures 57 mm by 19 mm by 148 mm.

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6. Under Armour Core Wrap


If you’ve been poking around for a pair of sporting shades, look no further. This piece is produced by one of the most respected names in men’s sports and is built to wrap around your brow for a perfect fit. Wear them on a bike, run, or whatever else your summer activity of choice is.

It is crucial for baseball players to have great eyesight. The eyes of most professional baseball players have to be able to see at 20 feet and beyond, whereas the eyes of the average person only need to see at 12 feet?

When your team needs you the most, having amazing sunglasses could be the difference between making a critical catch or hitting the ball out of the park. There are no better baseball sunglasses than Under Armour’s Core 2.0. Find out more about what these sunglasses are like in the following paragraphs!


A semi-rimless design lends a stylish yet sporty look to Under Armour’s Core 2.0 sunglasses. The wrap-around frame of these sunglasses provides full coverage, which allows for improved peripheral vision.

For a secure fit and all-day comfort, Core 2.0 glasses come with a Three-Point Grip, cushioned hinges, and a removable case. To further customize the fit, you can adjust the nose pad and temples. Additionally, the lenses complement the frame beautifully.

Featuring ArmourSight® lenses, these glasses look great. You can keep your vision clear with these lenses, protecting you from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. They block 100% of UV rays. You can even get the Core 2.0 sunglasses ANSI-certified for more safety if that is important to you. Buy these amazing sports sunglasses at SportRx today.

5. Ray-Ban Wayfarers


The Ray-Ban New Wayfarer sunglasses bring the classic retro look back into style – with a modern take on a traditional original that adds some zing. They offer a softer, more rounded line that makes them more suitable for men and women of all face shapes since they are slightly smaller than the originals.

The original Wayfarer has been discussed a great deal. Many famous films and TV shows featured sunglasses in the big, bold style. They have dominated the sunglasses market for decades, being worn by stars including Bob Dylan, Tom Cruise, Andy Warhol, and US President John Kennedy.

The market is in very high demand even today. Modern glasses have smaller lenses and a smaller frame so that they do not dominate the face as much. This classic shape is the same but with a more petite appearance and a slender frame shape.

There are many different combinations of frames and lenses to choose from, including gradients, mirrors and polarized options. A large collection of color combinations brings RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses options for people of all ages and personalities.

The original Wayfarer sunglasses are large, rounded, and very bold. These models are smaller and less prominent, with a neatly tapered frame to compliment the lighter look. Although women will fit comfortably in 52mm, most adults will prefer the larger 55mm.

Comfortable all day long because of the hypoallergenic acetate construction. Compared to the older versions, New Wayfarers appear to be slightly thinner and the frame is made of slightly less robust injection-molded acetate but they are still very durable.

There can be no denying the New Wayfarer’s inheritance, despite the softened classic Wayfarer shape, the overhanging temples, even smaller size and nuanced innovations making it even more stylish than the classic original.

Many eyewear manufacturers copy the iconic Wayfarer style, not just Ray-Ban but also other manufacturers. Ray-Ban New Wayfarer sunglasses pay homage to a defining brand of eyewear for a whole generation while adding a cool, trendier, and more forward-looking dimension.

These surged in popularity a few years ago, and have stuck around as the ultimate go-to pair for a dude with lots to do. The undeniably classic style. If you’ve been wondering what this pair is called, you now know.

I would almost go so far as to deem these a “must-buy” for any man planning on spending time outdoors this summer. I’ve got my pair right on the dresser and grab them almost every time I go out.

4. Maui Jim Freight Tran Sunglasses


These glasses apparently have the ability to remember the shape and fit of your face, which is awesome if you’ve been frustrated by the rigidity of plastic frames. Polarized and optimized and -ized in every other way, I’m feeling the brown in a big, big way.

Maui Jim’s new MauiFlex memory metal collection includes Maui Jim’s Freight Train sunglasses. With a classic aviator style and a modified rectangle shape, these frames are made of a durable, bendable, and lightweight MauiFlex memory metal.

The lightweight and impact-resistant Maui Jim Maui Evolution Polarized eyeglasses are equipped with rubber temple tips for added comfort. They have superior optics as well as the ability to protect against glare. 

My favorite sunglasses ever are Maui Jim Freight Trains. I think these are the best all-around sunglasses I’ve ever seen, besides the fact that I look about 1000 times cooler with them on. When you land that trophy Marlin and light up a Cuban, these sunglasses are exactly what you want on your head.

There are some sunglasses that are best for anyone who drives, fishes, flies, rides a bike, walks a sidewalk or paddles a canoe or kayak outside (or indoors).

When you see a retention pond, the polarization is so good that it looks like the Caribbean. You can see where a fish is headed by looking at it in the eye. By wearing these glasses, I am able to read license plates on cars and see their expiration month and year.

Also, the metal of the space-age frame, MauiFlex, remembers the shape of the person’s face after wearing the frame for a while. Testing will be necessary to find out if they float.


  • Any face shape can be complemented by a rectangular frame
  • Rabalon nose pads with an adjustable, non-slip double bridge
  • A high-gloss finish creates a sleek, modern appearance
  • Unlike traditional metal frames, MauiFlex memory frames remember their shape and fit longer than traditional metal frames
  • The material is durable and lightweight
  • Traditional hinge made of anti-corrosion material

3. Smith Gibson


There is a sweet range of colors in this one, including the wood frame pictured. Ultimate surf style by Smith: you’re hooked up with a fit that, judging by the reviews, isn’t too big on your face, just what you want from this type. (Psst. some of the other colors are on a wicked sale right now).

Getting lost in the bright colors, fashionable Ray-Bans, and flamboyant shades of sunglass fashion can be tricky in an industry that is so fickle. Seeing Smith Optics continue to merge style and functionality is nice to see.

They have just completed this with Gibson. You’ll be protected from damaging glare from polarized lenses on the slopes or on the river when wearing this retro-styled sunglass.

You can count on Smith Optics’ Gibson for durability, and they offer a service warranty program. You will thank your eyes and friends for investing in some real frames, opposed to the hipster, I-hate-my-dad look.


  • Lenses made of carbonic TLT
  • Nose and temple pads made from hydrophilic megols
  • This is the Gridamid TR90 frame

2. Revo Crux


I’m not really sure why I’m such a fan of these glasses. I like the rectangular lens. This is a style to give some serious consideration if you’re on the hunt for something different without too much fuss. It allows you to stay active without putting on a pair of what looks like biking goggles.

Repo lenses are based on NASA innovative technology and are designed to protect, enhance and enhance your vision. For the base, Revo uses a polycarbonate material that is lightweight and provides strong protection while maximizing performance.

With NASA-based Light Management SystemTM technology, Revo sunglasses control light spectrums with precision. Blue light and glare from water and roads are protected from Revo lenses, as is 100% UV protection.

Polarized lenses from Revo can be used with digital devices. Revo’s lenses allow for enhanced contrast while protecting the eyes from eye strain and not distorting LCD screens or infotainment screens. Revo’s lenses feature polarized Serilium+ lenses, making them lightweight, impact-resistant, and glare-reducing.


  • Sun protection of 100%
  • Coatings that resist scratches
  • HD lenses with crystal clarity
  • A quality product made in Australia
  • Video guide with step-by-step instructions
  • AS/NZA 1067:2003 is met or exceeded
  • Manufacturer’s defect warranty for one year
  • Guaranteed satisfaction for six months
  • All lenses are made by Sunglass Fix
  • No logos appear on lenses
  • Glass is not part of our work

1. Persol 0PO2994 “Steve McQueens”


Borrow some iconic style with these shades, worn by the “King of Cool”. Brush up on your 1960’s pop culture, because you’re all but guaranteed to fire up some conversations. This pair is beautifully and classically ornamented.

I’m not sure how I feel about the bit on the bridge, but there’s no denying the effortless style that these grants. There it is, a solid overview of what’s good for your eyes this summer. Keep it locked in on Dudepins to keep those well-shaded eyes on what guys from all over have to say when it comes to summer style.

Despite the fact that it is a collection, the Persol Steve McQueen collection is nonetheless iconic. Celebrating the legendary Persol sunglasses Steve McQueen wore on the set of The Thomas Crown Affair, these sunglasses pay homage to the ultra-cool and eccentric actor.

This renowned actor’s rebellious lifestyle has inspired Persol to redevelop and redefine this frame with a special edition collection.


  • Imported
  • Frame made of acetate
  • Lenses made of glass
  • Non-Polarized
  • A coating that protects against UV rays
  • 52 millimeters is the lens width
  • 20-millimeter bridge
  • The length of the arm is 135 millimeters
  • Aviator-shaped item
  • Gender target: unisex

Here Are The Top 5 Most Popular Sunglasses Brands

Do you know where to go for all your sunglasses needs, even if you’ve heard of some of the top sunglasses brands? When you are searching for sunglasses, where do you start? To make your shopping time easier, we compiled the top 5 brands of men’s sunglasses.

  • Persol

The Persol sunglasses are made in Italy by a company dedicated to providing the best possible quality. An optician started the company in 1917. They are one of the top brands for men’s sunglasses due to their rich history in the world of sunglasses and eyewear. Many men’s style icons prefer their frames because they’re classic and stylish. 

  • Ray-Ban

Most people have heard of Ray-Ban, which is such an iconic brand. Founded in the US in the 1930s by Bausch & Lomb, one of the largest eye health companies in the world. Originally manufacturing iconic sunglasses frames. Aviators and wayfarers are some of the most common and popular models this brand offers. 

In addition to being in films, they have worked with celebrities and influencers. A few of their collections have been featured in movies. There are also special edition collections based on famous tastemakers. 

  • Tom Ford

This American fashion brand has been around since 2006 and is headed by the same designer. Although this brand hasn’t been around as long as some of the other top sunglass brands, they’ve already made a name for themselves in men’s fashion. A modern look of luxury comes to life with Tom Ford sunglasses in designs that are edgy, bold, and modern.

  • Tomahawk

Tomahawk Shades was created by two brothers who were inspired by the idea of creating high-quality sunglasses at an affordable price. They are known for their sporty shades and partner with many celebrity athletes. Providing you with the best sunglasses they have to offer, they are constantly working to improve their technology and design.

  • Randolph

This brand has built impressive street credibility and has provided glasses for the United States Air Force for over 42 years. From his factory near Boston, Massachusetts, he crafts each pair of glasses by hand. With a relentless commitment to quality and detail, the company designs classic and timeless frames. The company provides glasses to the U.S. Defense Department, pilots, naval aviators, astronauts, and of course to you.

What To Look For When Buying Best Sunglasses For Men

i. Making Sure You Get the Right Fit

You must understand your face in order to get the right fit for sunglasses. Establish your face’s shape as the first step. In addition to triangles, ovals, rounds, oblongs and rectangles, diamonds, squares, and hearts are also available.

If you know which shape sunglasses to buy, you will know which types to buy. The most common are aviators, rounds, and squares. If you have an angular face, like a heart, rectangle, or square, your look can be softened with a pair of round or aviator sunglasses.

Oval faces are lucky in that they can be customized to suit any design, while round faces work well with larger, more angular styles. In order to make your frames fit properly, they should be the same width as your face.

Taking them off will also leave you with a comfortable fit, without too much touching your face. When you take them off, you will not feel like they have squeezed your ears or nose. 

ii. Colors of Lens

You can find dozens of lens colors to choose from when looking at sunglasses options – it’s like looking at a rainbow! Each of the different hues has advantages that extend beyond aesthetics. The best way to see the reality of the world is through grey lenses, with no need to squint in the bright sun.

It is not necessary to wear rose-colored glasses if you want to reduce eye strain and enhance contrast, which green lenses can do as well. In contrast, blocking blue light (and therefore activities like skiing) can distort colors and may not filter enough light. Brown and yellow are both great for depth perception. Lastly, blue improves color perception and contours. 

iii. Materials for lenses

Lenses for men’s sunglasses are most commonly made from optical glass and various plastics. It’s important to consider your intended use when choosing between these options. A clean, distortion-free view can be achieved only with glass, which is strong, scratch-resistant, and economical.

Dropping them can cause them to damage, however, as they are heavier. Fashion sunglasses tend to be made of acrylic since it is inexpensive, light, and relatively durable. Additionally, polycarbonate is even lighter and stronger than acrylic, making it a more attractive alternative to glass.

If you know your sunglasses will be in the sun a lot, this is one of the most popular solutions. NXT Polyurethane/Trivex is essentially an upgraded version of polycarbonate, and it is more expensive than CR-39, which is often used to make polarized lenses. 

iv. Materials for frames

Lens and frame materials are equally important. As a result, the look and fit will be affected, as well as the comfort and safety of the product. Acryl, polyurethane, and acetate are among the cheapest plastics.

The materials tend to be light, relatively strong, and versatile. When it comes to tougher materials, polycarbonate is great for kids and sports, but it’s not very flexible. In addition to metal frames, which can be tailored more easily but are generally heavier and more expensive.

Additionally, titanium is one of the best metal options because it’s scratch-resistant and durable, but it’s also the most expensive. Thanks to their flexible, strong, lightweight, and stress-resistant properties, nylon frames are often found in sports glasses.

The brand names of nylon frames are often referred to as nylon frames or nylon frames. Additionally, wood and hardened fabric can also be found in certain corners of the market.

v. Lens Technologies

Sunglasses should protect you from ultraviolet rays (UV) as the main feature. Ultimately, sunglasses have a number of functions beyond just looking cool and stylish (besides protecting your eyesight).

UV protection is provided by most modern sunglasses, though they vary by protection index. Light transmission is rated from zero to four according to how much penetrates the window. You’re really only making a fashion statement with a transparent or very light tint that lets in most of the light.

With a light transmission rating of just three to eight percent, a four is at the opposite end of the spectrum. To find the best lenses, you should look for lenses with a score between one and three.

vi. Sunglasses Lens Treatments

The next step is to develop advanced glasses technology. Your specs will become more functional with this material, as it is more than just UV protection. First and foremost is the polarizing feature.

As such, reflective glare is reduced or eliminated, which reduces eye fatigue and can result in reduced vision in some cases. Running, skiing, and water sports that involve sunlight refraction on the ground or the water are ideal for polarization.

When the sun is shining, photochromic lenses provide more protection than overcast lenses. Another way to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays is to have mirror-like lenses (or flash coatings). Furthermore, some sports brands such as Ryders offer even more advanced features such as color-boost and anti-fog technology for better visibility and clarity.

The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

It is important to know your face shape when choosing sunglasses. Some shapes produce better and some worse results in terms of pairs. You can order the correct style online if you know your face shape and what works well for you.

  • Round Face

Consider something square or aviator-shaped. Don’t draw circles on your face because this will emphasize your roundness. 

  • Oval Face

Oval faces are among the most beautiful. You will look terrific in almost any frame shape. Sunglasses that are bigger than your face are the only thing you should avoid. 

  • Square Face

Think of soft, round shapes and soft lines if your face is square. Frames with these characteristics will balance your face’s hard lines. 

  • Oblong Face

Like square face shapes, oblong faces look good with round shapes and soft lines. Avoid small frames for oblong faces.

  • Heart-Shaped Face

Choosing sunglasses with sharp corners and lines is a must if you have a heart-shaped face. Try to stay away from oversized and teardrop-shaped sunglasses.

  • Diamond-Shaped Face

This face shape can be framed with most frame shapes. When you have a diamond-shaped face, you should avoid frames that do not match your face’s proportions.

  • Triangular Face

You should choose sunglasses that match your face shape. It is best to choose sunglasses with tops that are larger than bottoms. An elliptical shape would be suitable.

Men’s Sunglasses Styles

1. Round

As sunglasses began moving away from their primary function as sun protection in the 1920s and 1930s, round-framed sunglasses became popular. During this period, eyewear became more affordable and appealing as technology advanced.

You will be guaranteed to look vintage with a hint of eccentricity when you wear the round frame trend, and it is versatile enough to suit every fashion circumstance, from formal to casual. You’re provided with a kinder and softer look (as opposed to big aviator sunglasses) since it does not cover your entire face (unlike aviator sunglasses). 

2. Wayfarer

Ray-Ban was an iconic brand that ushered in a revolution in the 1950’s with its wayfarer style. Its designs and aesthetics offered a refreshing change from the common metallic eyewear of the time.

The style has fluctuated in popularity since then, but it now seems it’s making a comeback with a vengeance. A pastel tint, usually on the rims or lenses, makes this retro style perfect for casual wear or spring/summer outfits.

3. Aviator

It was Bausch & Lomb that developed the Aviator style of sunglasses. Bausch & Lomb originally designed the Aviator sunglasses, which are now marketed by Ray-Ban while other manufacturers also manufacture these types of sunglasses.

Often made from shiny or dark metal, these sunglasses have dark, often reflective lenses that cover an area three times that of the eyeball, and very thin, double or triple bridges (so-called ‘bullet holes’). On some models, the earpieces are attached to the frames via bayonets, while on others, the temples are attached by flexible cables that hook around the ears.

4. D-Frame

The distinctive and contemporary look of D-frame sunglasses has been praised for their unique perspective on fashion and unique design. Others retain a classic oval shape, but D-frame sunglasses stand out with their straight sides and a futuristic feel while still radiating a sense of sex appeal.

5. Mirrored

As a result of their reflective nature, mirror sunglasses are different than other styles because those around you can see themselves in them. Our favorite thing about this style is how striking they are when they are photographed – it exudes a powerful presence that makes you feel mysterious and confident.

Mirrored sunglasses look great on men that want to show they are serious about business. Typically, aviator sunglasses showcase this style.

How Do You Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays?

In addition to cataracts and corneal sunburn, prolonged exposure to UV rays can also cause other eye problems. Everyone would rather avoid these problems. 

Protecting your eyes from the UV rays of the sun can seem like a daunting task. According to our calculations, there are roughly 756 types of lenses that claim to offer the best protection from the sun. To protect your eyes, we can assist you in getting the different types of lenses straight. 

Do you know how to prevent UV damage to your eyes? Make sure that your lenses are UV-protected at 100%. You can also call these lenses UV400. The best protection for your eyes comes from these lenses.

Then, some of you might be wondering about the other types of lenses that claim to offer the highest level of protection. This is where a few misconceptions need to be cleared up. 

UV rays are not blocked by polarised lenses. Reflective surfaces will be less glaring as they minimize the sun’s glare. In terms of preventing UV-induced eye damage, these are not the best solution.

It is incorrect to think that dark lenses provide better protection against UV rays. Lenses like these ensure you can see better in bright light since they make it easier to see. For the best protection, choose lenses that are UV protected.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Sunglasses For Men

Q: Which sunglass brand is best?

Ans: Ray-Ban and Persol are two of the best brands. Check out our top 5 best sunglasses brands list to gain a more in-depth understanding of top men’s sunglasses brands.

Q: What is the best UV protection for sunglasses?

Ans: Sunglasses that are 100% UV protected provide the best UV protection. The best sunglasses to protect your eyes are those with frames that wrap around the sides of your eyes since they prevent UV rays from getting in.

Q: What are the most comfortable sunglasses?

Ans: A pair of Persol Original 3019S sunglasses are most comfortable. They have the Persol-patented Meflecto system in the arm that alleviates pressure on your head, and they have an adjustable nose bridge, which allows you to adjust the sunglasses in two parts at once.

Q: Who makes the best sunglass lenses?

Ans: Lenses from Persol make the best sunglasses. Crystal lenses from this brand are designed to help you see clearly. BlueLight+ is a Tomahawk lens designed to prevent dry eye through blue light filtering.

Q: Who makes the best-polarised sunglasses?

Ans: Ray-Ban sunglasses are the best when it comes to polarised lenses. Offering a wide range of frames and styles with polarized lenses, they have a wide selection. You can’t go wrong with a classic brand of sunglasses that has high-tech features.

Q: What sunglasses look best on me?

Ans: It depends on the shape of your face what kind of sunglasses will look best on you. Find out exactly which sunglasses will look good on your face type by checking our guide on choosing the right sunglasses.

Q: What are the best sunglasses for pilots?

Ans: A pair of Randolph Aviator sunglasses are the best choice for pilots. The company has been manufacturing Aviator sunglasses for the Armed Forces since 1942. Unique bayonet temples of their pilot sunglasses allow them to sit comfortably under headgear. These sunglasses are also equipped with grey gradient polarised lenses that offer 100% UVA/UVB protection.

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